You have sent in your ideas and now it is your chance to make your choice! And send your favourite Tinkle Toons on an adventure!
What to do:
- First, fill up this form with all your details.
- Then you will be asked to pick a new character and a setting* for three Toon series: SuperWeirdos, WingStar and Dental Diaries.
- Choose one combination of a character and a setting that appeals to you the most in each series.
That's it!

*A setting is any location you want the story to take place in.
I'm ready. Let's go!
Yay! First things first, what's your name? *

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Phew! Now that we're done with the formalities, let's start voting!

Or if you'd like, you can take a break and drink a glass of water. Or take a nap. Or fly to the Moon and come back.
Let's begin with SuperWeirdos!
Aisha, like many of us, wants to be a superhero. But unlike many of us she is a superhero, albeit a weird one, which makes her a SuperWeirdo! Aisha has the weird power to sense people with SuperWeird powers. And the 'weird' part about it is that she wiggles and jiggles when she sense a SuperWeirdo!

What SuperWeird power and setting would you like to see next in Tinkle? *

Pick one option only

Next up, WingStar.
Mapui Kawlim's dad's cutting-edge gadgets have turned her from an ordinary girl to an extraordinary superhero, WingStar. But having powerful fists and the ability to fly means she is on demand ALL the time! Does she want that? There's the question!

Which villain should WingStar take on next and where? *

Pick one option only

Finally, Billy Drain from Dental Diaries.
Billy Drain is the world's only fangless vampire and none too pleased about it. So he teams up with his hot-tempered, over protective (full-fanged) Mommy, Grilda, and goes on quests to fill the gaping holes in his dental set (and self-esteem). But his crush-cum-enemy Myra Vamptop vows to never let that happen. Ever.

Which monster should scare Billy on his next adventure and where should it be set? *

Pick one option only

And we're done!
Just one last thing: do you accept the Terms and Conditions of this contest? *

If you want to read the Terms and Conditions, they're here:
The Tinkle Toons have received your votes.
Thank you!
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